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Monday 14th May 2018

Reasons to have a Wedding Videographer | Is Wedding Videography Worth It

Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Today I thought I would write a blog post about wedding videography to address the question: is wedding videography worth it? If you’ve already booked a wedding photographer, should you bother to invest in wedding videography too?

I know that many brides wonder if they’ll regret not hiring a wedding videographer after the day is done, so I thought I would offer some advice from the other side as both a professional wedding videographer and filmmaker and someone who has been through the wedding planning process on a personal level.

I will start with a controversial and perhaps surprising statement: you don’t need to book a wedding videographer. Don’t believe the magazines, the blogs, or even what your family and friends tell you about what you should or shouldn’t do. It is a personal decision, and in this post I will explore some of the reasons why you might like to book a wedding videographer for your wedding, or forgo wedding videography altogether.

Wedding Planning Must Haves vs Maybes

To get married, you don’t need any of the things that the wedding blogs and magazines, tradition or your family and friends dictate, suggest or actively encourage you to partake in.

You don’t need to book a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer, buy a special dress, hire a luxury suit, book a band or DJ, a venue, catering, or any of the other little details that you might have come across when planning your upcoming wedding. They’re all options that are available to you when planning a big party (after all, that’s what a wedding is), but they’re not ‘must haves’.

To get married, all you need is each other and somebody to legally marry you. As for your wedding reception, I celebrate individuality and encourage you to do things your way. If you like the traditional template of a wedding reception, then that’s lovely! Have the white dress, the sit down meal, the speeches, the cake and the dancing. If that template doesn’t sound like your idea of a fun time, then do things differently! Book the vendors and invest in the experiences and services that mean the most to you. If you follow your gut instinct and know what matters most to you, then you won’t have any regrets.

Don’t book a wedding videographer, a wedding photographer, or any of the other options available to you when planning your wedding out of a fear of missing out, out of fear of regret, or because of peer pressure. Take the time to sit down and think about what you really value, be it memories, experiences, or physical things, and invest accordingly.

I value experiences, time with family and my memories above all else and so photography and filmmaking are very important to me, but for you it might be something different. If you’re just not that bothered by photographs and films and don’t find yourself taking or looking at photos and videos of your everyday life, then professional wedding photography and wedding videography might not be worth it for you. You might be content with snaps and clips taken by family and friends, and to spend your budget elsewhere. There’s no right or wrong way of doing things.

I’m a visual person. I’m very sentimental and I love documenting the passing of time through films and photographs. Some people like to keep a written diary, whereas I keep a photo diary and I have taken a photo every single day since 6th March 2011. I’ve always loved photographs and motion picture is an extension of that. When I first started making films, I felt like I had found my voice and the perfect way to capture the fleeting moments of everyday life. Not a day goes by where I don’t pick up my camera to film or photograph my everyday life. I love looking back, seeing the seasons change, and having a record of my personal life, and I love filming weddings for people who feel the same way about their memories!

Reasons to have a Wedding Videographer | Is Wedding Videography Worth It

Why should we have a wedding videographer film our wedding?

The days and years pass very quickly

A wedding is a celebration of two people and their love for one another, but it is also a chance for family and friends to come together, to catch up with one another, and to celebrate the best of life. Weddings (and funerals) are sometimes the only times that extended families meet and, being the happier of the two occasions, weddings are the events that people look forward to the most.

Weddings serve as milestones in our personal lives but also in the lives of our families, allowing us to escape from the hectic pace of our everyday lives and to properly sit down and catch up with one another. It’s lovely to have a professional quality record of these moments in our lives, to have photographs and film taken to help us remember happy times spent with family and friends. Wedding videography is not just about filming your ceremony and speeches, but about capturing all the fleeting moments of the day. As a professional wedding videographer I know which moments to look out for on your wedding day. I know where to be to anticipate the action and which moments, especially those concerning the oldest and youngest members of your family, you will be so glad to have captured in motion picture and sound. The contemporary, storytelling wedding films I offer complement wedding photographs really well. They don’t compete with wedding photographs but offer an additional visual perspective of your wedding day with added layers of motion and sound.

Motion and sound

Don’t underestimate the emotional power of motion and sound. Ed and I didn’t hire a videographer for our wedding. We never really thought about wedding videography, it wasn’t a popular option back in 2010 and so we just didn’t take it into consideration when planning our budget. That said, Ed’s uncle captured a few video clips for us on his point and shoot. While I rarely watch our speeches, it was amazing to see clips from our ceremony as we said our vows, and a tiny bit of footage from the afternoon as we were catching up with friends and having photos taken. I am so grateful to Ed’s uncle for capturing these moments for us, even though they’re just short and fleeting little clips.

If you are a visual person and treasure your memories, then you will definitely want to know how you both sounded when you said your vows, how you moved in your dress, and you will love hearing the excited reactions of your family and friends as they join with you in celebration. The films I make feature both on and off-camera sound. They’re not just music videos. Instead, they feature snippets from your vows and speeches, and ambient sound captured throughout your day. It’s a fully immersive experience to sit down after your wedding day and watch your films, and you have the option of dipping into the full ceremony and speeches, or enjoying a curated highlights or feature film showcasing everyone in their best light. Wedding videography captures what wedding photographs can’t; the way you move and how you sound.

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A lasting reminder

Once your wedding day is over and your families and friends have gone home, you are left with your memories. At first they will be fresh in your mind, but with time they will fade. Physical mementos will help you to keep your memories alive. For example, you might choose to dry clean and keep your dress, your order of service, or a scrapbook with cards or messages from your guests in it. Some brides also choose a scent to help them relive their wedding day, burning candles and using a perfume on the day itself so that in future years that scent brings back memories for them.

However, the biggest trigger for your memories will always be the visual documents of your wedding day in the shape of photographs and videos. With time, your photos and your videos will fuse with your memories, and so it is really lovely to have high quality, professional photographs and films to help shape and curate your memories for you.

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My final thoughts on wedding videography

I love helping couples to remember their day in the best possible light by capturing the most emotional, funny or touching moments and editing them together into storytelling films with powerful cinematic soundtracks. I want you to remember the smiles, the laughter, the most touching sentiments from your speeches and the most beautiful memories from your wedding day. Professional wedding videography isn’t a ‘must have’, but if you are a visual person and treasure your memories, it might be something you’d like to consider early on in your wedding planning process to make sure that you can find a wedding videographer who is a good fit for you and your wedding.

Reasons to have a Wedding Videographer | Is Wedding Videography Worth It

If you’d like to find out more about how I film weddings, come and watch some wedding films or find out more about the different wedding videography packages and collections I offer.

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