Where to get Wedding Photos Printed

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Birmingham Wedding Photographer | Where to get Wedding Photos Printed in the UK

Where to get your Wedding Photos Printed in the UK

Today’s post is just a short one with a few recommendations on where to get your wedding photos printed in the UK. There are so many options, from printing them at home on your own printer or photo printer, to going to the high street and using one of the print machines in Boots or Jessops (these services are also offered online e.g. Snappy Snaps), or sending your wedding photos away to be printed by a professional lab. Each has its own merits, but I would strongly encourage you to opt for professional printing at a specialist lab. Read on to find out why.Read more…

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How to Deliver an Awesome Best Man Speech

Tuesday 15th May 2018

How To Deliver an Awesome Best Man Speech | Groomsmen having their picture taken

How to Deliver an Awesome Best Man Speech

Wedding season has begun, and with it comes the return of seasonal search engine queries for ‘what to wear to a (fill in the blank) wedding’ and ‘how to deliver an awesome best man speech’. There are numerous articles out there telling you how to nail a best man speech, how to smash it, win it, own it, boss it, and all of the other macho terms. My guess is that you’ve already seen a few but that you’re no more confident about the task that lies ahead of you. I thought I would offer some solid advice, aimed at those of you who are nervous about your speech, from the perspective of a professional wedding videographer.Read more…

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Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Monday 14th May 2018

Reasons to have a Wedding Videographer | Is Wedding Videography Worth It

Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Today I thought I would write a blog post about wedding videography to address the question: is wedding videography worth it? If you’ve already booked a wedding photographer, should you bother to invest in wedding videography too?

I know that many brides wonder if they’ll regret not hiring a wedding videographer after the day is done, so I thought I would offer some advice from the other side as both a professional wedding videographer and filmmaker and someone who has been through the wedding planning process on a personal level.Read more…

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How to Plan for Rain on your Wedding Day

Friday 16th March 2018

Planning a Marquee Wedding | Preparing for Rain | Rain lashing a teepee tent

Planning and Preparing for Rain on your Wedding Day

I won’t quote that Alanis Morissette song, but I do understand, first hand, the weather worry that comes with planning an outdoor marquee or sperry tent wedding in the UK. When Ed and I were in the process of planning our wedding back in the summer of 2010 we worried about what we would do if it rained. Would our guests leave early? would we be warm enough? what would we do about photos? would the marquee keep us all dry? and would there be enough space for us all if we needed to be under the canvas all day? We had so many questions and I’m sure you have your own worries too.

The trouble is that even in August the weather in the UK is unpredictable. We’ve been to enough soggy Reading Festivals to know just how heavy and persistent rain can be in August and, at the other end of the spectrum, just how beautiful the days can be when the sun shines. Our August wedding could be roasting hot with clear blue skies, or it could be very wet, but no amount of planning or fretting could change conditions on the day itself. As it turns out, it did rain on our wedding day. It rained the day before as were setting up in the marquee and catching up with friends at the pub*, and it rained on the morning of our wedding too, right up until we walked hand in hand into our ceremony together to No Use For a Name’s ‘International You Day’ **. Thankfully the worst of the rain cleared by the time our ceremony had finished, and the rest of the day was dry.

Although we were lucky with the weather on our wedding day, we’ve attended as guests and filmed as wedding videographers some very wet UK weddings in a range of settings from hotels to tents, from midsummer to the darkest days of the year. I thought I would share some advice for those of you who are planning an outdoor or marquee wedding in the UK and are worried about the weather turning. It’s really not a disaster if the skies go grey, and I want to put your minds at ease.Read more…

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Fine Art Bride | A Bridal Styled Shoot at Notley Abbey

Monday 6th November 2017

Back in February, I took part in a ‘fine art’ bridal styled shoot at Notley Abbey on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The shoot was styled and planned by Sundari Ferris of The Wedding Sylist and Andri Benson of Always Andri Weddings, and inspired by the fine art wedding scene.

Alongside the photography which was provided by Emma Pilkington on film and digital, I produced two videos from the day’s shoot. The main film was featured by The Wedding Sparrow at the end of July and is set to be republished on Rock My Wedding at the start of December. I also made a ‘behind the scenes’ video which is a little less polished, but a much more honest look at what a styled shoot looks like in reality! Best of all, after a cold February day where we pretended that it was summer, in August I had the pleasure of returning to Notley Abbey with my husband Ed to film a real wedding on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year. Read more…

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