Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m a wedding videographer based in the West Midlands.

I live in Birmingham and film weddings across the UK. You can see more of my work on my blog, on Vimeo and follow along with me over on Instagram where I share my wedding work, but I thought I would also share a few words here by way of introduction.

About Wedding Filmmaking

I love telling stories about people, places and their relationships with one another. To me, films are like magic as they add extra layers on top of still photographs in the shape of people’s voices and mannerisms. There’s nothing quite like being able to watch and hear someone you love speak, laugh, and see them move. Sound can transport us back in time and evoke such strong emotions, and nowhere is that more apparent than on your wedding day.

To me, wedding videography is about more than simply documenting an event. As well as recording the formal proceedings, I love searching for and capturing the most beautiful, funny or emotional moments, and weaving the pieces together at the end of the day into films that showcase everyone in their best light.

Weddings are often one of the only times that extended families come together in one place. It’s one of the many reasons I love filming them as there’s so much going on! Your wedding is a chance to celebrate as two and to begin a new chapter in your life together, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate your relationships with your family and with your friends. It is my hope that when you look back at your wedding films in years to come, that you don’t just remember your wedding day, but that hearing the voices of your family and friends and seeing your interactions with one another evokes a lifetime of memories.

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About Stephanie

When I’m not filming, I spend a lot of time outdoors. I really enjoy running, cycling and spending time in the mountains in Wales. As well as filmmaking, I love both film and digital photography, and never go anywhere without my camera. It all started with a ‘Photo a Day’ project which was supposed to be for just one year starting back in March 2011… but seven years later I haven’t stopped the daily picture taking! I also really love music and going to rock shows. I’ve recently got back to playing violin and piano after a decade of not practising much, and I’m really enjoying playing just for the sake of it with no exams in mind.

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